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Some common alloys are usually on production line, but other alloys are subject to production upon request.
These tables introduce a variety of our products and other useful information about product alloys.
The alloys which are not listed in the tables are those of limited application, which may only be produced upon request.


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  • No.1, 22nd str., Kordestan high way, Tehran 1437673852, Iran
  • 88028441
  • 88002664
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About Us

ZOUCHAN Copper Industrial is the first plant in Iran producing a variety of copper alloys sections and profiles utilizing the most modern technology in the world, and based on international standards.
we are able to produce a wide range of copper-alloys, from low alloy copper to all kinds of brass, phosphor bronze, aluminum bronze and complex alloys.
Our activities include casting, hot working, cold working and machining processes

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